Le Bocal

Romina Shama et Amandine Casadamont

Le Bocal

Installation sonore stéréophonique

Papier peint, verre, enceintes 




The Jar is almost empty. The jar is full.


The installation is a dialogue between the artists Romina Shama and Amandine Casadamont. Shama has produced a photographic multiplication of an empty space. Casadamont echoes it with a stereophonic sound installation.


It is a technological dialogue on repeat, imprisoned in its own space. A problematic space, in which various incidents occur. It fights for its existence while at the same time it feeds its own destruction.


Amandine Casadamont is a sound artist and radio producer. Romina Shama is a photographer and sculptor. Together they have curated I would prefer not to. Both use a layering of invisible elements such as space, time and sound as the materials in their respective practices. As a duo, they have invented a curatorial gesture in which each’s work brings a new grammar to the other’s artistic language.